Better than Microblading


Men Eyebrow Tattoo, Calgary Eyebrow Specialist, Calgary Wedding Makeup Artist, Calgary Nano Brows, Calgary Ombre Brows, Calgary Misty Brows, Calgary Combo Brows, Calgary Asian Makeup, Calgary Eyeliner Tattoo, Calgary Lip Blush Tattoo, Pain-Free Cosmetic Tattoo, Natural Semi-Permanent Makeup Calgary Alberta CanadaDid you know Microblading is a series of cuts to your skin?
Very few people have the perfect skin type to withstand Microblading – namely those with Normal/Dry and Thick skin. Even fewer artists know how to Microblade without cutting too deep. Doing this just 2 or 3 times can reek havoc on your skin, creating scar tissue that becomes too thick to Microblade, and thus making it super painful for you.


So why is NANO & OMBRE Brows better for you?

Using a digital tattoo pen and a very tiny needle, Nano and Ombre techniques are created with a series of tiny pokes rather than cuts, which is MUCH more gentle on your skin. It creates a lot less trauma on your skin, with very little scar tissue, if any.
These techniques can last longer between touch ups, suitable for ALL skintypes and best of all, much more comfortable than Microblading!

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